Joel Sports-A-Thon Sparks Memories


Joel School held its annual Sports-a -Thon on May 25th and 26th 2016. Sports-A-Thon is a day of fun events for the students of Joel school and their families.

There were three different rounds of Sports-A-Thon that day each lasting an hour and 15 minutes. There are 8+ different activities set up around the track at Joel for students to participate in. Before the students come outside for Sports-A-Thon they are given a score card with their name on it and a column for each activity.IMG_5561

There were either two or three Morgan helpers at each station. When the students came over to the activity, they would hand the Morgan student a scorecard. The student can earn a score between 1-10. There are 6 score boxes for each activity. During the last 15 minutes Morgan students can start giving the students outrageous scores like “1000” or “5000,” and the kids love when you give them high scores. The look on their faces when they look at their scorecards is priceless.

Sports-A-Thon has been going on for years. When the current Morgan seniors were in Joel, we participated in the Sports a Thon.  My parents came,  and I raced around the track trying to fill up my scorecard at every single activity. If I filled out my entire scorecard and there was not one empty box on it, I got a free ice cream at the end of the day. Sports-A-Thon has not changed at all in the past 11 years. while I was working it this year, it was exactly how I remembered it to be.