From the School Courts to State Courts


Written by Kevin LaFrance|

On May 28, 2016 the Morgan Boys Tennis Team traveled to the Conrad High School in West Hartford to compete in States. With schools from all over the state competing to become the best, the Morgan Boys certainly had competition. Starting at 9:00 am, the sound of tennis balls bouncing filled the air.

The Tennis team relaxing and enjoying the sport.

The Morgan students who participated in the event all tried their hardest: Senior Tejas Patel, Senior Mike Murray, Junior Sam Moran, Senior Austin Remetta, Senior Kevin LaFrance, Sophomore Matthew Newfield, Sophomore Patrick Markiovics, Sophmore Vincent Tino and Sophmore Drew Marzano. However, only the duo of Tejas Patel and Mike Murray were able to make it to the later games hosted on May 31, 2016. Several other JV players such as, Sophmore Antonio Tran and Freshman Paddy Murray came to support their fellow teammates.

The day was filled with hardships, fun and most certainly, searing heat. Many players from different schools chatted amongst one another. Once these people were bitter rivals but on this day, many toast to a burger. Though the day was filled with downfalls, including one player facing a 110 mph serve and matches that went on for several hours in 90 degree heat.

Tennis states were indeed a wonderful spectacle of the sport. With much happening throughout it’s run, it is no wonder that many are enamored by the sport. If any of this interests you, I would suggest that you  sign up for tennis next year. Tennis is a spring sport, and all it takes is a simple sign up in the nurse’s office.