Top Two Students of 2016


Written by Kayla Burt|
Photos by Mike Mozzochi, Steady Photography |

The top two students of the graduating class are granted the title of Valedictorian and Salutatorian. Although they are given this title solely based on their academic achievement, the two students this year have achieved much more than high grades in their academics. Valedictorian Kate Mozzochi and Salutatorian Meghan Lindsay are the faces of Morgan; they are the definition of what it is like to live the Morgan way.

Meghan and Kate
Kate Mozzochi and Meghan Lindsay dressed up for Senior Prom 2016

Kate has been involved in anything and everything since freshman year. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Spanish NHS, Technical NHS, Student Leadership Society, Interact Club, and Peer Advocates. She has also participated in Morgan athletics: Girls soccer, indoor track and outdoor track. She is a member of the honors program meaning that she has taken the highest level courses available every single year.

Kate will be attending Lafayette College in the fall. She has officially signed her National Letter of Intent to continue her track career at college. She is also planning to be a part of different clubs. However, track will take up most of her free time so she has not decided what else she is going to be a part of.

Kate Mozzochi
Valedictorian Kate Mozzochi

It is absolutely incredible how she was able to balance all of her extracurricular activities, sports, and her academics while staying so humble the entire time. She achieved so much with effortless grace.  We all admire her for her hard work and motivation to accomplish what she has in her high school career. Kate is such an inspiring and simply beautiful person. We are very lucky to have her represent the Class of 2016.

Although she does not want to give away what she is going to say in her speech, she gave me some insight about what her goal is and what she is trying to convey, “My purpose is to celebrate the time we have had at Morgan and the history of Morgan. I want to convey that we have something really special here in Clinton and then even though we are all going away for school, Morgan and Clinton will always be our roots.” She also wants to encourage people to follow their passions and be kind to everyone.

Kate feels very confident that Morgan has prepared her for what is to come in her upcoming years. “There are some days when I’m so excited for this new adventure, there are some days that I’m scared, and there are some days when I never want to leave.” She is excited to take the knowledge she has acquired at Morgan and expand on it at Lafayette.

Salutatorian Meghan Lindsay is just as involved as Kate. She is a member of the Morgan girls field hockey team, lacrosse team, and indoor track team. She is also a big part of the Morgan Music Program. She has been in many musicals and is a member of the chorus. She also is part of clubs such as National Honor Society, French National Honor Society, Student Leadership Society, and Peer Advocates.

Meghan Lindsay
Salutatorian Meghan Lindsay

Meghan will be attending the University of Connecticut on a full scholarship to major in psychology and physiology/neurobiology. She is planning to participate in many clubs such as club lacrosse or field hockey. She is also planning to be a part of the study abroad program and different research projects.

With such a busy schedule, she is still able to keep everything balanced and in order. She is always happy and willing to help others no matter what is going on in her own life. She never fails to make anybody’s day better; her genuine smile is something we will never forget here at Morgan.

Meghan’s speech is about “the impact our classmates have had on us and how the people we have been surrounded with over the last 13 years have been and will be some of the greatest people we have ever met.” She will also address how this is the start of the rest of our lives.

Meghan feels “thankful to be salutatorian.” She has worked so hard the past four years and feels it is such an honor to be recognized for her work. “Plus, it’s so cool that my best friend is by my side (as valedictorian) because she’s been such an amazing role model and influence throughout high school.”

I want to thank these two students for being such kind and inspirational people. They truly deserve this title not only for their academics but also for how they have impacted this school as a whole. Congratulations to Kate and Meghan, we are very proud of all that you have accomplished. Best of luck in the upcoming years!