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    Papa Krot


    Written by Hannah Gaudet|

    As we said goodbye and good luck to Social Studies Teacher Rachel Antle when she left for her maternity leave, we said hello to a new and fresh face, Brian Krot. Mr. Krot won the hearts of many students for the little time they had together. The students surely expressed how much they would miss him.

    Junior Jack Bugg who was in his civics class said he liked how he was “a very nice teacher, and he just lectured us [the class] and didn’t give us a lot of homework. It was an easier way of learning civics.” He continued to say that Mr. Krot was not a “normal” teacher who gave out a ton of homework. Instead he got the students prepared for tests. He was very involved in school and came to all the sporting events. Jack will miss “his humor, he told us a lot of stories, and I’ll miss his personality because he was a very nice dude.”

    Junior Rick Griswold who also had Mr. Krot for civics said he liked how he taught like Mr. Redes and was”outspoken about everything and very chill. He really cared for us as students…he pushed for us to be better people. That’s why I like him.” Rick said it was different how Mr. Krot taught, “He did notes on PowerPoints and the students would copy them down. It was nothing too hard. We didn’t have a lot of homework and he made us want to go to class.” Rick will miss Mr. Krot’s “presence, his jokes, and just the person he is.”

    Senior Emily Zirkelbach who was in his Psych class said she liked how involved Mr. Krot was with the students. “He wanted to get to know all the students. He connected with us on a personal level. He made sure our class wasn’t textbook style. He made it very personal and made us enjoy it. He was a great teacher.” Emily said Mr. Krot was different because most teachers typically do not take the time to get to know their students well enough. “He took our class into Moe’s for a study session, and he put so much effort into it. He’s very outgoing and tries a lot harder than most teachers do.” Emily will miss how he talks to you as if you knew him and how enjoyable he is.

    Mr. Krot teaching his C Period Civics class

    Finally, Senior McKenzie Bushnell who also had Mr. Krot for Psych respected how he tried to be apart of the Morgan family. Although he was only here for a quarter, he went to each of the proms and went to many of the sporting events. McKenzie thought Mr. Krot was distinct because of his teaching style, and “he really tried bonding with us and getting to know us. When we were having tests, he made sure there were not any tests the same day. He made learning fun.” She will miss his personality and his teaching style.

    Mr. Krot, the legend himself, said he decided to work at Morgan just because! “I really wasn’t planning on it. It just fell into place. I’ve been telling my students all day that I was actually fearing this position because what could I possibly instill upon students for 40 days? I look back on that decision and how could I be more wrong? It has been a wonderful way to reaffirm what I want to do with my life and that is to teach students.”

    Mr. Krot will miss his students and said he woke up every morning wanting to work, engage, and expand the minds of them. He said that Morgan has answered his lifelong question, “I left Medical IT in the hopes of discovering if what I want is to return to teaching, Morgan has answered that question for me. I want to teach, and I’d love to be able to teach here. When you find your home, it is very hard to leave it, and I’m facing this problem.”

    Mr. Krot said his time at Morgan may be short, but it will forever be in his heart because it is the first place he began teaching.  Mr. Krot has done all types of jobs and calls himself the “Renaissance man,” but the most rewarding has always been teaching.

    Although now we have to say goodbye to Mr. Krot, he will forever be apart of the Morgan family, and his students surely expressed their remorse upon his departure. Like he always says, “Juniors! This is your world in 90 seconds.”

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