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    May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

    By Willow Pender and Kevin LaFrance

    Seniors are playing assassins. Mike Murray and Meghan Lindsey are the coordinators or this year’s games. There are 42 teams this year for assassins.  84 people played. There are now 59 people left. There are multiple rules that players find “stupid.” For example no shooting on school property, at school events, at practices, or bleachers on the field or bleachers at sporting events. The rules should be more lenient, and it should be easier to be able to get your target. The game of assassins can be very distracting in school during classes because it tends to be the only thing everyone is talking about. There is a $430.00 prize for the winners, and that money will be split evenly among all of the winners.

    Seniors Kelsey Hopkins and Dalila Rodriguez, who are partners said, “We are pretty paranoid. We always have to watch our backs. We seek information from others and have connections and setups. We always carry our guns on us and are always prepared–all eyes and ears at all times.”

    McKenzie Bushnell said, “I’m not paranoid at all. The people IMG_1359who are after me, know nothing about me.”

    John Lee said, “I am nIMG_1360ot paranoid about assassins. You know why I’m here.”

    Deja Fleury said, “I am pretty paranoid. I really do not want to IMG_1358get out. I keep my gun on me at all times, and I am very sneaky. I keep really low key, and no one knows where I am ever.”

    Maina Carey said, “I am so paranoid. Once my assassins get out, the people who have to get me out next are two of my closest friends. My strategy is just being very sneaky.”Maina Carey

    Conor Crowley said, “My level of being paranoid is 1 out of 10. I was worried when Molly Johnson was in. I am strapped and loaded at all times.”
    Senior assassins is a very stressful and nerve racking game. Everyone is always on the lookout and all guns are loaded at all times. All the seniors are paranoid, and anyone who goes nConnor Crowleyear them, they will shoot thinking they are trying to get them out. This game is treated like a life or death situation, and it is basically consuming everyone’s lives. The game will go on until the last two players are left. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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      Rachel LeshawJun 6, 2016 at 5:33 pm

      sounds fun!!