Senior’s Last Advisory


A LIE, this is Film Study A period

Written by Kevin LaFrance|

At the start of 2012, the seniors everyone knows were freshman. To help guide them, certain teachers were selected to watch over them.  These advisory teachers spend a half hour with their advisees every Tuesday morning.

Senior Cameron Dunn’s advisor is Physic Teacher Abigail Walston. He appreciated how the group wouldn’t do a whole lot and was happy to have her even though it was only for one year. Senior Zach Long had the Social Worker Maureen Tranquilli. He said his favorite moment throughout the entire year was, “Rotisserie Chicken,” but never went into detail as to what that meant.

Darcy LaFrance and Jamie CorcoranSenior Darcy LaFrance had Social Studies Teacher Jeffry Motter. He favorite moment was, “Making the Christmas tree door, and Motter getting upset for not winning. Then sarcastically bringing it up.” Darcy was also asked if she could say one thing to Motter, what would it be. She replied, “Thanks Mr. Motter, for making it a great advisory. I’ll never forget being a Motter’s otter.” And Senior Molly Johnson had Technology Teacher Theodore Enoch. She loved, “How he showed us funny videos as well as Christmas ones.” And Molly wanted to tell Mr. Enoch, “Good luck, and I hope you enjoy the new school. I hope to see you there.”

This is also a time of goodbyes for the teachers. Special Educator Teacher Merle Hart was absolutely thrilled with her advisory. She loved the holiday parties that her advisory hosted, and she would like to say, “Goodbye, good luck and thank you for making advisory Tuesday a time to look forward to instead of dreading.” Even Technology Educator Theodore Enoch enjoyed his advisory class. He said he enjoyed “when they were Freshmen and just started talking to me.”  Enoch also had a rather interesting piece of advice. He wanted to say to his class, “Travel. Don’t be a tourist.  See the world.”

With the end in sight, seniors will soon say goodbye to the teachers they have spent four whole years with during advisory.  The final advisory for the 2016-17 school year was on Tuesday, June 7th.