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The Class of 2017’s Student Council Elections


Written by Hannah Gaudet and Emily Sordo|

Another day, another rivalry between the junior students. The newest issue involves the student council elections for president, vice president, public relations representative, and secretary. The president of the class now is returning member of the council, Olivia Amendola, the vice president is both Tyler Dean and Alyssa Robinson, the PR (public relations) rep is Lindsay Harden, and the secretary is Karla Rivadeneira.

Elections will take place on Thursday after the candidates deliver their speeches during advisory.

Running for president is  Olivia Amendola, Steven Hansen, and  Marcus McDermott.

Olivia says she is running because she wants to have a positive influence on our grade. “I look forward to planning our senior evOlivia Amendolaents, like prom and the senior trip.” She has been on student council for the past three years. She was the treasurer her freshman year; she was the VP her sophomore year and is the president currently for the junior class.  For our Senior year, she said she is excited to plan our prom, our last “hurrah” at Morgan, and she said she is excited to have more fundraisers that incorporate our grade. She thinks she is a good candidate because she’s experienced and knows how everything works and is looking forward to this year’s election. 

Steven is running for president of our class because he has always had an interest in politics, and he wants to be in the process of it here at MorganSteve Hansen. He said that so far, he has not done too much for our class which is why he wants to get more involved next year and step up as the leadership role as our president. We asked him what kind of things he is looking forward to next year for our class, and he said “I hope to face any challenges we have. It is a new school and a new place, and I’m not sure what is going to be going on there, but I hope to lead us through it.” He wants to focus more on the students having a say. He thinks he is a good candidate because he has experience in the political process (since he is in AP Government) and knows he can be a good leader for our senior year.

Marcus is running for president because he wants to make img_7074-e1425496963519a difference during his last year at Morgan. He wants to make sure everyone has a good final year as seniors. He wants to get involved now and admits he’s wanted to do this for a while. ” I hope to bring new ideas and a fresh perspective that differs from the rest of my opponents. I’m responsible and ready to make a difference within our class.” He does think he is a good candidate, which is why he is running.

For vice president, Lindsay Harden who has been on student council since sophomore year will run against Dashaun James (aka Big D) who is running in hopes of being on the council for the first time.

Lindsay is running because she has experience on student council sophomore and junior year. She enjoys planning all of the proms and wants to have a say in our senior picnic. She enjoyed being the public relations representative this year but wLindsay Hardenants to change it up a little and become vice president next year. She runs our class Twitter right now and helped plan this year’s junior prom. She said “I try to encourage everyone to get involved with our class”.  She wants to make sure “we have a really good senior prom, one to remember”. We try to unite our whole class to do fun things, especially since we will be in a new school. When we asked if she thinks she would be a good candidate, she said that she doesn’t want to “toot her own horn”, but she does think she would be good as our class vp because she is qualified and experienced in being a part of Student Council and has the time to dedicate to being VP.

Dashaun is running for ClasDashaun Jamess VP because “the current student council is buns”. He plans to do a lot next year for our class. He said he is going to plan the best and cheapest prom ever. He wants to make next year a good one. When asked if he thought he was a good candidate, he said “I wouldn’t run if I didn’t think I wasn’t a good candidate.”


Jarett TalarcyzkFor the public relations rep, the only known candidate for the council is Jarrett T. (aka JT) who will be running unopposed.
Jarrett is running for public relations because he “wants to contribute to our grade, and he has good ideas”. He has helped set up for events and tries to participate in our class’ fundraisers. He wants to fund raise a lot so we can have a good senior trip and our senior prom can be better funded. He thinks he would be a good candidate for the Class of 2017’s public relations and hopes for your vote.

Finally, for secretary we have two new candidates Kate Driscoll, Michael Le, and Karla Rivadeneira.

Kate is running for secretary because she feels like the same people run for council every year and wants to change it up. She has participated in various events but has never been in student council yet. She said that prom is a big thing, and she thinks that there should be new ideas and there should be more contribution for our class. She said she thinks that she is a good candidate because she would be fresh blood and has fresh ideas.

Karla Rivadeneira  is running for class secretary for the fourth year in a row. Michael Le is also running for secretary.  We were unable to contact Michael or Karla before publication but make sure you listen closely to their speeches during the elections!

There certainly is  fresh blood running for class offices as well as experienced candidates.

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