Trump Supporters and Their Approach on “Making America Great Again”


Angry Trump haters removing the stickers of a Trump fanatic

Written by Hannah Gaudet and Emily Sordo|

As the election approaches, tension rises. The recent debacle of the Morgan School is the aggressive approach Trump supporters take on promoting him with the use of stickers. If you take a glance around the school, you will see Trump stickers placed on lockers, walls, and even see people walking around with them on their laptops. We decided to ask these advocates questions regarding the man himself however, the answers we got were all very similar.


An avid Trump supporter Junior Liam Gordon, had a long list of Trump policies that he supports: “I agree with building a wall on the Mexican border. I agree with making changes to the second amendment. I agree with bringing jobs back to this country. I support him for taking care of our veterans before illegals. I also support the deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants and then therefore, bringing them back with legal immigration. I also support his trade deals with China and Mexico, Mexico because they are destroying us with high taxes, and we can’t compete with them.” He then proceeded to say that we need to put sanctions on Mexico and take out ISIS by “carbon-bombing them at least.” Another Trump lover, the infamous Junior Ryan Miller, said “immigration and building a wall is a good idea.” Junior Burton Caldwell said, “Immigration, mostly…border control needs to be stepped up.” Finally when we asked two freshmen, Zak Johnson and Peter Sullivan, on why they support Trump, they both said the same exact thing, “He wants to build a wall.”

Burton Caldwell with a random water bottle

We also asked why they like Trump in general. Liam said he is a “true American and has never been a politician and pays for his own campaign.” Ryan said, “He says everything how it is, and he doesn’t have to be running for president if he didn’t want to because he’s already a billionaire, but he’s doing it for the love of the country.” Burton said, “Mainly because he isn’t a career politician. The government in this country is very corrupt. If you put someone in there like Trump, he can end career politicians and the corruption in the government.” Sophomore Mikaela Gaudet, the sister of a die hard Bernie lover who did not answer the first question, said she likes him because “of the iconic boom that would happen.” Zak also said, “Because he’s not a politician.” Peter said, “Because he’s a good guy.”

Finally, the last question we asked was if they think Trump will be president of the U.S in this election. Liam does think Trump will be president because “of the current scandal with Hillary Clinton with the emails. If she gets indicted with the FBI, then she’s not gonna be president.” Ryan said no because he will not win against Hillary.   Mikeala  said yes, she does think he will win but is not quite sure why. Zak does not think he will be president because “he won’t have the majority vote.” Last but not least, Peter said yes, he will become president because “he’s gonna be president.”

There certainly is a large array of political controversy within the school and Trump supporters rivalries are apart of that. What are your thoughts on Trump? Do you think he should be president?

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