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Students’ First Cars


By Anthony Janiszcak and Greg Ellal |

Teens look forward to getting their first car. It means independence, freedom, and responsibility. So we wanted to know what kind of cars teens drive.  Do they like their cars? and How did they get their cars?

Tiana Chrans tiana chrans

Tiana drives a 2006 Nissan Altima. She told the PawPrint that her parents bought it for her and she loves it.

Lucas LennoxLucas Lennox


Lucas owns a 2002 Honda CR-V. He bought it himself and when asked about it he said, “Ya, it has 285,000 miles, and it still chugs through the winter and non-winter. But, it has no A/C, and it flies through the air like a Boeing 747”.

Senior Riley ThompsonRiley Thompson

Riley’s first car was a 1998 Toyota Corolla that was given to her by her grandmother. She says that, “I like it a lot, but its not the cleanest car”.

Senior Willow PenderWillow Pender

Willow drives a Chevy Tahoe that was given to her by her mother. She says that, “I like it, but it’s really big”.



Sophomore Brian Cardbrian card

Brian drives a BMW 328i that his father gave to him. He says that he likes the car.


Instructional Aide Donnamarie  Buffington
Mrs. BuffingtonMrs. Buffington’s first car was a Ford Grand Torino GT that she bought from her mother. She said that she loved the car.



Senior Julia Hornyak
Julia HornyakJulia’s first car was a 2002 Chevy Suburban that her mother gave her to share with her brother. She said that she likes it.



In School Suspension Supervisor Chris Rapuano

Mr. Rapuano’s first car is a 2012 Hyundai Elantra that he and his father split the cost to purchase. He says that, “I like the car because it’s good on gas”.
Mr. Rapuano





Senior Dalila Rodriguez  

dalila rDalila drives a Nissan 240sx that her Aunt gave her. She says that she likes her car.



Senior Mike Baker

Mikes drives a Nissan Xterra that he inherited from his grandmother. He says that he loves it.micheal baker






Senior Deja Fleurydeja fleurry

Deja drives a Jeep Grand Cherokee that she got as a gift. She says that she likes it.



melissa sullivanSenior Melissa Sullivan

Melissa drives a 2010 Ford Explorer that was given to her. She said, “I like my car, and I feel safe in it”.



Junior Hannah Gaudet

Hannah drives a 2004 Jeep Liberty that he parents bought for her. She said, “I love my carHannah Gaudet“.





Senior Brendan Kyhn
Brendan owns a 1998 Toyota Camry that he bought for $1,500. He said that, “For the price I got it, it’s a great car. I did a 2JZ swap in it so it’s a sleeper.
brendan khyne





Senior Anthony Janiszcak

Anthony owned a 1992 Mazda Miata that he bought for $600. He said that, “After putting in the work that it needed, it was an awesome first car, and I loved the handling”.

Senior Greg Ellal

Greg owns a 2007 Toyota Rav4 that he bought from his parents for $3,000. He said, “I love the car. It’s fairly quick. It’s reliable. It handles well. It has an awesome sound system for being stock, is decent on gas, and it’s four wheel drive so it is really good in the snow”.

We think it is very interesting that the majority of students we interviewed did not pay for their own cars. They did not work for years to save up and go buy their car. Anthony and I purchased our cars with our hard earned money. We believe that it is ridiculous how many parents just hand their kids cars on a silver platter because we know from experience that once you work and actually earn what you have, you feel really good driving it.

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    Gerald BoneyMay 24, 2016 at 5:19 pm

    Great artcle.I’m glad that everyone is enjoying their cars.Just remember,don’t text while you’re driving.

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      gellaljrMay 25, 2016 at 12:30 pm

      Thank You!