Time to Say Goodbye


Written by Mary Muratori

Senior year approaches very fast. Freshmen come in, new and sometimes terrified of what to expect. But in all honesty, these four years at The Morgan School go by very fast. Before you know it, your junior year, which may be the toughest year, is over; and then what? Senior year will fly by; it’s almost like a reward year for most students. Students get first pick 0f whichever electives they choose, and get underclassmen look up to them because they’re finally the upperclassmen. Although senior year seems easy enough, there is a lot of responsibility that tags along with it. Most students now have jobs after school, they have their licenses, and most importantly; the college process is now in effect big time.  There are a lot of choices to make; which college to go to, when you will apply, financial aid, deadlines to put in applications, early action, early admission and much more.  It can all be very stressful and tiring at times, but as long as students stay focused and organized, the process will not be as tough, and very effective.

What’s buzzing through most senior’s heads is graduation. Senior Emma Wentworth says “I can’t wait to graduate.” Graduation is a huge day to look forward to. It marks a fresh start to the rest of a student’s life. Whether they chose to go to college or pursue a different career, it is a huge step. Students may or may not decide to go straight to college, take the year off, and go at all. “Taking the year off after graduation is a possibility,” Emma comments. Kayla adds, “I would like to do a nursing program right after school, then decide what I want to pursue later.” It is expected that most seniors are excited, but scared to take this big leap forward, and to start a new chapter in their life. Getting to your senior year can be a bit of struggle. Junior year is infamous for being called ‘hard, almost impossible to pass, and difficult.’  When asked if there was anything that seniors could have done better during their school years, the answers were similar and floated around the ideas of doing their homework more often, trying harder in class, and asking for help from teachers when needed. Senior Kayla Maloney says she “wishes I studied harder these past two years; freshman year was a breeze and easy;  then it got harder.”  As far as classes and teachers go, most seniors seem very happy with their choices. “So far so good.” Kayla states. Emma says “I’m happy I have Bergmann and Motter again this year; everything’s good.” So while senior year may come as a breeze to most students, it requires a lot of work, but the ultimate outcome is a big reward- being able to graduate.