The Last Stretch of Senior Year


By Willow Pender

The class of 2016 seniors are finally at the last stretch of senior year. These last couple months of high school can be very stressful.  Seniors are committing to college and deciding what they want to do after high school. These last couple months of high school also have fun/ exciting events coming up for seniors including senior prom,  the senior class trip, senior skip day and of course the most exciting of them all, graduation! Every senior has come such a long way in the last 4 years. It is hard to believe that it is all comes to an end with graduation just two months away.

Senior prom is on May 27, 2016, at the Foxon Country House in East Haven. Prom is an exciting event where everyone gets to dress up and spend the night together just having a good time. Prom is 7:00pm-Color Wars Seniors 11:00pm. Afterwards everyone continues hanging out and having a good time for the rest of the night. It is exciting to see all the different dresses and to see how good everyone looks with their hair and makeup done. Prom is one of the last big events the class of 2016 will ever have together.

The senior class trip is on Thursday June 2nd at Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park in Portland, CT.  Brownstone offers different activities. Seniors can cliff jump, zip line, rope swing, rock climb, wake board or just hang out in the quarry and go on all the inflatable obstacles. Senior class trip is a day to spend in the sun, relaxing and making memories.

Another tradition for the seniors at the end of the year is senior skip day. Senior skip day is when seniors do not go to schoolIMG_0655.  Seniors usually pick a place just to go hang out together. Places that are popular for senior skip day are Six Flags, New York City, and Misquamicut beach in Rhode Island. Senior skip day is not a school planned event, but usually a good number of kids go and hang out together on this day.

Most importantly there is graduation day. This year graduation is on Thursday June 16, 2016.  This is a huge milestone in our lives. Seniors are celebrating everything that they accomplished throughout high school. Graduation day is the last memory that the class of 2016 will have all together. It is sad to see everything coming to an end, but we are now starting a new chapter in our lives. It will be exciting to see what everyone’s future holds