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    Give Blood and Save a Life!


    Written by Kayla Burt|
    Photos by Morgan Pawprint |

    The National Honor Society Red Cross blood drive is coming soon! Every year, NHS partners with the Red Cross to help with the process of getting more blood for the people in need. Students must be 17 or older to participate, and there is also other criteria that has to be followed before donating. Most students and teachers, however, are able to donate, which is a great way to help others. The American Red Cross says that for every one person that donates,  three lives are saved.

    This year’s event will be held on May 2nd in Gym A. If you would like to sign up to donate, please see any NHS member. They have the sign up sheets and will give you a specific pass you need in order to leave class. The blood drive will be happening all day so you can pick a time that works best for you.

    According to Steph Strucaly’s article “Got Blood?,” all of the blood that gets donated goes through a long process before it can be used to treat a patient. It is shipped to the Red Cross center in Farmington, CT where it is tested for diseases, blood type and infections. These results come back fairly quickly, and if everything is clean, the blood is manufactured into red cell product, plasma product, and platelet product. The blood is then labeled and shipped to hospitals in the state that put out an order for blood.

    Blood Drive
    Senior Judy Chicoine in charge of sign-in sheet at the Blood Drive last fall.

    Senior Judy Chicoine, president of NHS, assists  and oversees this project. She encourages people to donate, “I think it’s a really great way to help other people, and for the students, it’s usually fun since they get to miss class, eat food, and most importantly, save lives.”

    Many people, however, have donated previously. Senior Brendan Kyhn donated for the first time last fall at the first blood drive this school year. He explains, “I think everyone should try to donate if they are able to. You get to save a life and you also get free food after.”

    Although there are people that donate every year, a large number of students do not donate. Some are afraid of needles. Some don’t like the sight of blood, and others just don’t feel comfortable. I, personally, have never donated because I have never been old enough. However, I might try to donate this year even though I am a little nervous.

    Blood Drive
    NHS members working at blood drive in the fall.

    Mathematics teacher Stephanie White, who has been in charge of organizing this event for 4 years, offers some advice, “Make sure you keep your iron levels high. Eat a lot of red meat, kale and drink lots of water.” She describes the pain as “just a little pinch, like an ear piercing or something.” She encourages all people who are able to donate to definitely give up your time and give some blood.

    I really want to donate, and I encourage others to donate as well because it is for a such a good cause. We have the opportunity to save a life. This is such a rewarding experience, and I feel that everyone should try it at least once in their life, whether it be now or later. The National Honor Society hopes to see you all at the blood drive!






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