The Popular Restaurant: Cristy’s


Written By Quinn Pender

Cristy’s was voted one of the best breakfast restaurants on the Shoreline in 2015. A lot of kids along the Shoreline come to eat Cristy’s wonderful food and drink its amazing coffee. Also there are a lot of summer people that live in other states who come down and live along the Shoreline. They always find their way to Cristy’s.

My mom has been working there for nine years and has been the manager for many of those nine years. My sister Willow Pender who attends The Morgan School as a senior works at Cristy’s as a barista and also a waitress. I have been going to Cristy’s ever since my mom started working there when I was five. It is by far one of my favorite restaurants with some of the best food around the Shoreline. My favorite order to get at Cristy’s is banana pancakes. They are so good and make me so full afterwards. My favorite lunch to get at the restaurant is the grilled cheese with avocado and tomato on it. Its nice to be a part of the Cristy’s community and to know everyone that works there.