New School = New Programs = New Possibilities


Written By Greg Ellal |

The new school will bring on a lot of changes. One of the big ones will be the lack of an automotive class and shop. Instead of an automotive class, also known as Design Engineering, there will be basic classes for students where they will learn skills that apply to all trades. The skills include problem solving and working in groups. When students want to be involved in learning about a specific trade, they have the option to ask for an internship. This option will only be available for juniors and seniors.

The students can choose a job they want to have for an internship such as one in an auto shop. The school will then find them an internship in the area. The student will then go to the job at the auto shop for part of the school day. The new schedule will allow students to attend classes at Morgan until 11:00am. Then students can sign out of the school and drive to their internship where they will work for the rest of the school day. Morgan School lift1Principal Keri Hagness told the Morgan Pawprint that she likes this idea because the students will be able to gain real world experience while earning high school credit.

Principal Keri Hagness said that the fate of the tools and the auto lift in Morgan’s auto shop is to be determined, but they will most likely be auctioned off.

The Morgan Pawprint talked to Morgan’s own Sophomore James Wells. James who is currently in the Design Engineering (auto sJames Wellshop) class taught by Laurance Chapman. James said that he would take Design Engineering again in the new school if it was offered because, “[He] likes to work on projects and learn how to fix cars”. Design Engineering is one of the classes in the school that students can take a few years in a row and get credit for it every time. James explained that he thinks the internship “would be a good experience, and I would like to be in the program doing an internship at a fire department”.

Although some may not be excited for this, and some (the current seniors) will never experience this, there are definitely people who will gain a lot of valuable knowledge and experience from this new program and will look back on it and appreciate the oppurtunity that was given to them by the Clinton Public School system and Mrs. Hagness.