Does Dunkin run on Morgan?


Written by Kevin LaFrance|

A common pit stop for students of The Morgan School before the first bell rings is going to pick up a piping hot cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Thanks to Dunkin’s services, students have been able to stay awake for all their morning classes and pay attention to their lessons. But this balance of coffee and work may soon collapse. With the move to the new school, a new problem has surfaced. The distance between The new Morgan School and Dunkin Donuts will increase, making the trip a dangerous five minute trek as opposed to the current minute walk. And with the side of a road being the only “sidewalk,” it may be the end of Dunkin Donuts for Morgan students.

IMG_0933Junior Matt Capece when asked on his thoughts about Dunkin losing business was rather optimistic, “I mean, I don’t think it will lose a lot of business as there are those who commute to work, and students can go before-hand.” Matt also commented on the idea of students not having breakfast or coffee, “It’s really on them. They can wake up earlier or have their parents drive them or eat before.” It appears Matt Capece feels that Dunkin will still have student customers and stay in business.

However, Senior Tiana Chrans wasn’t so optimistic when asked about Dunkin losing business because of the school’s new location. She said, “Yes, the business will very much decrease. We fund the whole company.” She was asked about the possibility of Dunkin collaborating with the new school by having  a small shop in the cafeteria in hopes that this could increase business, “I think if they did, they wouldn’t lose much money. Enough kids go to Dunkin to fill the cafeteria.”

Right now, the idea of Dunkin Donuts losing business seems to be rather split. But, what’s your opinion on the matter? Do you think Dunkin will close up shop, or will it stay afloat thanks to dedicated students and the everyday worker? Or are you just unsure of what the future holds;  vote on the poll below.

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