CAPT Around The Corner!

CAPT Around The Corner!

Written by Brendan Kyhn|
Photo Via orangectlive

On Wednesday, March 9th, 2016, sophomore students will  take the annual Science Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT). Every year the sophomore students are forced to come in at 7:35 while the juniors and seniors sleep in.

The main purpose of Science CAPT according to the state website is for “establishing high performance standards for all Grade 10 students on a comprehensive range of important skills and knowledge;emphasizing the application and integration of skills and knowledge in realistic contexts; promoting better instruction and curriculum by providing information on student, school, and district strengths and weaknesses; and providing an expanded measure of accountability for Connecticut’s educational system at the high school level.”

Mr. Messina

Literacy Coach James Messina provided more information on the CAPT test. He explained that “the test used to be for all subjects but later on moved just to just science. The test was built to test students on basic materials 10th graders should know.”

Mr. Messina also provided input on what students should do to do well on the test. “Taking the practice test seriously will help give you an understanding of what the real test will be like. Ask questions if you feel the need to and pay close attention. The test will consist of two parts, and there will be a break in between parts. Get a goodnights sleep, and don’t be late or else you will have to make up the test at a later time.”

Since freshmen will take the CAPT next year, they will take a practice CAPT test while the sophomores take the official CAPT test.