Get Ready for the SAT


Written By Riley Thompson and Lucas Lennox |

Next Wednesday, on March 2nd, juniors at The Morgan School will be taking the SAT. Unlike in years past, this SAT will be provided for FREE to students in Connecticut.

The new test created by College Board has been titled as “a more challenging college admission test.” The reading section is described as “more advanced.” The reading section will also not only require students to answer the question, but to also answer why that question is correct, and use evidence, requiring students to have a deeper comprehension of the text. The math section was described as “shocking,” requiring students to “model real-world situations with complex formulas.” For more information on the new SAT visit Why You Should Worry About the New SAT Test.

Although the test may seem harder than years past, in ways it is also easier. The new SAT will have 4 answer choices instead of 5 as in years past, and there will be no penalty for guessing unlike old SAT tests. Also, the essay is now optional to students taking the SAT- where as last year it was mandatory.


The math section of the new SAT is different from years past, “One must know algebra and exponential functions more than ever before,” said Math Teacher Alan Samet. Mr. Samet encourages simage (1)tudents to have “sleep, a good protein breakfast, calculator and batteries” to help prepare themselves for the test.

Mr. Samet will be providing a free practice SAT Math Practice on February 24th from 5:00 to 8:00pm in room 60, for juniors who are taking the SAT on March 2nd. (FREE PIZZA AND SNACKS FOR STUDENTS WHO SIGN UP IN ROOM 60)