Ballin’ for The Banner


Written by Lucas Lennox |
Photos by Amber Vuilleumier |

Boys Basketball Captain Senior Dylan Ketch is striving to be the first player on the boys 1000 point banner since 2006. Almost 10 years!

Dylan has had  very solid growth over his high school career. Since his sophomore year, he has increased his points per game from 11.5 all the way up to 20.8.IMG_1051

When asked about the large bump in scoring, Dylan had this to say, “My teammates give me the ball in great scoring position almost every pass, making it really easy to either score or put the ball back in rotation.” Dylan is one of the most confident, and when needed, resilient players I’ve witnessed . When he’s having trouble getting the ball to drop, he doesn’t shoot at will until he scores. He will look for smart passes to get a pass back to a great scoring position, whether from deep or a filthy layup in the opponent’s throat.

IMG_1193As of February 19, 2016, Dylan sits at 916 points in the books. Dylan commented on how close he is to this feat: “It’s an incredible feeling being in this spot in the sport I love the most, just thinking back 4 years ago being a freshman with nothing to show .”

With at least three games left in his final season, Dylan exclaimed how he knows it will be a challenge with some tough competition, but in the end he is excited and confident that his name will remain in Morgan history for a long time to come.