Code name X(Block)



Written by Maggie LaCross|

A luxury Morgan has come to love is advisory every Tuesday after second period. It provides the opportunity for students and teachers to get a break during the week where they learn about things more applicable to our life than chemistry or long division. A new period will be brought into the schedule at the new Morgan called X Block, entirely new to Morgan but common for other schools throughout Connecticut.

Maina Carey
Maina Carey eats her organic granola and relaxes in the library

X Block is very different from Advisory, which will stay the same that it is now. Instead, X block will be similar to the enrichment we had in middle school, letting students swing by places they need to go to see teachers, get food, take a breather, do homework, and study. It will also be a time where student members of clubs can meet, since many aren’t able to meet except for once a month during Advisory.

Assistant Principal  Tyler Webb explained that the purpose of X Block was to provide students with a period where they can take care of the work that gets piled up throughout the week. X Block schedule was chosen with the students in mind, since faculty recognize that many students don’t have room for a study and become stressed by the combination of clubs, sports, and academics. Mr.Webb described X block as “less structured” than Advisory, giving students the freedom to choose where they want to spend their free period.

The one controversy that X Block will cause stems from the very same thing that makes it beneficial to students. The freedom that the period provides to students could create a “wandering problem”, which we are all already familiar with. Attendance will not be taken and there will be nowhere for students to officially report.

It is expected, however, that students will appreciate the opportunity they have been given enough to take advantage of it.

Schools like Cognichaug have had X Block for years. Currently Coginchaug students enjoy X block Tuesday through Friday and are happy with what the opportunities X block provides for students. Our X Block will meet every Wednesday for 40 minutes. Read A New Schedule for the Morgan School to learn more about the changes to our schedule.