Tea Time Can Save Lives


Written by Kevin LaFrance |

Attention all students of The Morgan School, a great and helpful event will be coming soon. On March 16 during E period, students can come into the Learning Commons to not only enjoy a cup of tea and their lunch, but to help people around the world get fresh drinking water. All of this is thanks to Numi: Organic Tea, and their charity drive, Tea Time for H2OPE, which helps those in need of clean drinking water.

Biology Teacher Emily Lisy.

Hosted by APES ( Advance Placement Environmental Science) they had contacted Numi and by pooling together fifty dollars, received a box, filled to the brim with goodies. They include water bottles, tea pots, wrist bands, pins, and a smooth wooden box which contains different types of exotic tea. Many of these items will be raffled for the attendees.  Biology Teacher Emily Lisy, the party’s ringleader and the one who discovered Numi’s Tea Time for H2OPE explained why she wanted to start such a heroic event, “To raise awareness on water and global issues for the class and the school.” She hesitated for a second and continued speaking, “People don’t think about global issues, only in the United States not the rest of the world.” When asked why she picked Numi Tea, she replied, ” Because they’re an organization that would work with our school. I was unsure if other tea companies were doing this.”

Junior Mackenzie Blanusa, and the right hand woman to Mrs. Lisy explained how the students operate to get the most out of planning the party. She said, “There are separate committees like art, tech, event, and media. So together we’re all working to gather to plan this party.” When asked how they will spread the word and if other classes are in on the event, she said, “through fliers, and a message on the announcements, an assembly and a ticket booth during lunch.” Catching her breath she continued, “Ms. Nunan is working on food. She will be providing plates and napkins in the color of Madagascar, while Mr. Enoch is working on our T-Shirts.” Mackenzie was then asked if she would do this event or something similar outside of school, ” I would like to. We could make it a town thing, but it would take a while. We wanted it to be public, but security problems came up.”

For those interested, I urge you to go. Not only will you be able to indulge yourself in very fine tea, but at the same time, you’ll be helping those in need. Just think, it takes you about three seconds to get a drink, but it takes others over three hours just to get a cup. For more information on the party, visit their website, Apesteaforhope.