Who Is The New Superintendent?


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Written By Greg Ellal|
Photo By Allison Friday

For years and years, the residents and students of Clinton CT have heard the title “Superintendent of Schools” and thought of the name Jack Cross. Well now someone who has been working along side Superintendent Cross will soon be taking the throne as Clinton’s new Superintendent of Schools.Ms. O'Donnell

Assistant Superintendent Maryann O’Donnell (second from the right, wearing blue) will be taking the reigns as Superintendent of Schools on July 1st of 2016. Ms. O’Donnell has worked as Clinton’s Assistant Superintendent for seven years (since 2009). Her responsibilities currently include, but are not limited to: supporting Mr. Cross, working with teachers, building administration, and the Board of Education, helping with Professional Development days for teachers and helping with the integration of technology into the classroom. When Ms. O’Donnell becomes the Superintendent of the Clinton Public Schools, her new responsibilities will include, but again are not limited to: working with facilities management, working with the Board of Education to look at the “bigger picture” for the district (dealing with the budget, management, opening and closing of the new and old Morgan, policies, legal compliance [state and local laws] and human relations).

When asked how she feels about becoming the Superintendent, Ms. O’Donnell said she is excited. She said that she has been here for seven years and that she loves Clinton, the kids, the teachers and the schools. It’s a place where she feels confident and supported to take this role. Lastly, she said that she recognizes that she has a big learning curve ahead and because of that, overall she is feeling very excited yet aware of how big the change will be for her.

Before Ms. O’Donnell became the Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Clinton she worked all over the place. She worked as a science teacher in Deep River. Then she worked as a teacher and a middle school administrator in Las Vegas, Nevada before becoming a curriculum director/high school administrator in Griswold for four years.

Ms. O’Donnell seems ready and excited for this next step in her career. I know that I am excited to see the wonderful skills and ideas she will bring to the position.