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Morgan’s Embarrassing Moments


Written by Sophia Muce and Melanie Coretti|

While walking through the history hallway the other day, I witnessed someone slip on a wet floor and fall down. I saw the person’s phone go flying out of her hands to the other side of the hallway. A few heads turned and the person’s face turned bright red. I could tell the student was embarrassed.

We knew that this is not the first embarrassing thing to happen to a student here at Morgan. Everyday at least one person drops his or her phone in the middle of a crowded hallway, messes up a word while he or she is reading aloud to a class or confidently raises his or her hand only to say the wrong answer.

James Wells
James Wells

Because of this, we decided to ask current, as well as past students about their most embarrassing experience in school.

Sophomore James Wells had an immediate answer, responding with, “It was the second to last period, and I almost walked out the the front door because I thought school was over”.

Freshman Sophia Dowd had a bad experience on her first day of school as a 9th grader. “I went to the wrong class”, she confesses. “I went to CP English for the whole period and didn’t realize I was in the wrong class until the end”.

Sophomore Bill Scully was embarrassed at lunch. “I was drinking water and my friend squeezed the bottle,” he tells. “It got all over me”.

Alumni Donnie Clark’s most embarrassing moment actually happened in Jared Eliot Middle School. In 8th grade, his pants ripped so he brought them to Culinary Arts Teacher Dawn Paradis. “She sewed them back together, but I had to wear weird capris pants until then”.

Sophomore Taylor Marnett was hurdling at a track meet when her foot got caught and she fell. See the fall below:

Freshman Caitlin Turner had a similar situation in track. “I thought everything was going well, and then my foot got caught and I fell”. She even captured the moment on video which you can watch here:

[wpvideo p731lSbS]

See some embarrassing phone stories in the article Morgan Students Are Droppin’ It Like It’s Hot. Also see some embarrassing sports photos in the article Knee Slapping Sports Pics.

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