What Did You Get For Christmas?


Written by Marie Kane and Abby Jasinski |
Photos by all students included in this article
Featured image via Karenika.com

Christmas day was about a week and a half ago! Many of us received presents, but what presents did people get? We interviewed some Morgan students on what their favorite gift is that they received.

Senior Riley Smith: music festival ticket

Ivan and his flannels

Junior Ivan Villanueva: flannels

Sophomore Caitlin Jenkins: a new laptop that her parents paid half for, and she paid the other half.

Senior Maina Carey: framed pictures from her friends.

Junior Alvina Tran: giftcards to Forever 21.

Mika’s new phone case


Freshman Mika Garcia: a phone case because she always dropped her phone


Max’s ocarina


Freshman Max Hurtubise: ocarina, a musical instrument that he’s been playing for a few months now. His is red and black.




Maggie McBride
Maggie McBride


Junior Maggie McBride: Two dark colored Mac lipsticks and a bear onesie



Junior Allie Iaquessa: A keychain for her new cars’ keys and a new pair of jeans

Allie Iaquessa
Allie Iaquessa