Empowering Young Women


Written by Emma Riccio|

Feature image via Lessons From 4 Legs

On Wednesday, December 16, the first girl’s empowerment meeting was held at the Henry Carter Hull library during E period. The meeting was about the herstory of women, beginning with the rise of our nation in 1776. It is run by Kathy Fisher- a mom, an employee at University of Connecticut, and a strong advocate of women’s equality. This first part of the program was just a basis for the upcoming meetings. There will be two more meetings in the future. The next one is in February 2016. Seniors Julia Hornyak and Chelsea Piccirillo went to the meeting. The spots were limited so girls had to sign up quickly. “Mrs. Hagness walked up to me and said, “I signed you up.” I just said okay. I’m happy she did though because I get to learn how women became more influential through the years and how we got to where we are today, so it’s really interesting,” revealed Chelsea.

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Senior Chelsea Piccirillo

Julia is excited for the upcoming events- “This is a basis program- I think the next two meetings will get more in depth and we’ll learn a lot. I’ve heard in the past that this is really fun so I’m hoping we go more in depth, and we can talk more instead of it being like a lecture. We’ll see what happens!” This program is designed to help young women regain their confidence and identity without tearing anyone down in the process. The outcome should be amazing. As Chelsea said, “We have to portray ourselves as more than what everyone thinks we are.”

Julia Hornyak
Senior Julia Hornyak

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