Sign Up for Women’s Empowerment


Written By Chelsea Pacheco
Pictures By Superheros

Morgan holds a Women Empowerment group where girls get together with Principal Keri Hagness, Guidance Counselor Christie Williams and Jan O’Brien. At the last meeting, instead of signing up to be apart of the group, the girls were invited. Some of the girls that were not invited were offended because they  felt as if they were not good enough to be in this particular meeting.

The group does not want girls to feel that they are not good enough, so the guidance counselors decided that instead of inviting girls, they are going to have sign ups.  The first eighty girls that sign up will attend.

Here at Morgan, we have had a guest speaker come to a Women’s Empowerment meeting before. Her name is Kathy Fisher and she wants to live in an equitable world where women and girls are safe from violence, develop their full potential, and embrace their authentic selves. She wants a place where being a strong woman is not perceived as negative but as awesome.IMG_0613

These are the dates of the Girls Empowerment Series:

  • Wednesday, December 16, 2015
  • Wednesday, February 10, 2016
  • Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The first 80 girls who sign up, will be allowed to attend and MUST commit to the 3 sessions. The topics will include:
“Women’s Equality”, “Positive Mind Set and Attitude”, “Self Esteem”, “Healthy Friendships and Relationships”, and How Genders Treat Each Other”. 

All the girls who are registered for the workshops should plan to bring a bagged lunch to each sessions. All girls will meet at the entrance of The Morgan School and be accompanied by Morgan staff to the Henry Carter Hull Library during E period.