“Cheating Death”


Written by: Meg Falcone|
Contributions by: Meg Falcone and Marissa D’aniello|

Cheating Death was a play performed by The Morgan School Drama Club. The actors were Senior Kayla Burt, Senior Andrew Tessman, Senior Cara Morello, Senior Seth Warner, Junior Sarah Jackson, and lastly Junior Brendan Elrick. The full play was performed on Friday, November 20, 2015. They also did a teaser of the play on Thursday, NovemCheating Deathber 19, 2015, for their fellow classmates tempting them to attend the show.

The play opens with this group of people that are mentally disturbed, waiting for the doctor to come to start their group. Then Death appears in human form to one person. Death asks the person if his name is Sam Johnson. He will not respond truthfully and avoids the question so death has to ask everyone before Death’s 15 minutes are up.

IMG_6036No one in the group will tell him until Death narrows them down by tricking them into speaking. He tricks them by slowly figuring out their names and threatening to take one of their innocent friends. He figuratively makes her friend Sue sick in order to make the real Sam confess. The group members convince Death to stay for group; his 15 minutes were up. He did not take his victim in time. Eventually Sam lets him take her, and they disappear together.

Now that Cheating Death is over the drama club is accepting new members and will continue practicing improv, if you would like to join meetings are Tuesday afternoons from 2:15-3. No experience is necessary, meetings start December 1st, after school.