Viral Videos for You to Enjoy!


Written by Abby Jasinski |
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On many social media apps, many videos become viral in an instant. This is because after people watch the video, they constantly share it with others.  Then those others watch it and share it as well. This cycle continues until the video has at least a couple million views. These are a few examples of viral videos:

What an Amazing Meal!
This is a video on Vine posted by Parker Kit Hill who has posted many Vines of him wearing this short black wig, and acting silly while wearing it. The Vines he has made with this wig, include him smiling within the whole Vine, while doing the silly things. The one I linked to features him walking down the streets of New York, having “an amazing meal”, and exiting the restaurant by doing a hitch kick, which is a dance move.

Accept Yourself!
This Vine is of this man who I’m guessing was in the streets of New York, and had signs made out of cardboard and red paint saying a whole bunch of inspiring things with the topic of love. The man also had another sign that he was holding that says love with the red paint. He was only dressed in his underwear and he had sneakers on. He then proudly yelled, “Accept yourself. Love yourself. Accept yourself!” while waving a rubber chicken in the air and doing a little dance with his feet.

Bowling Kid
This short video is of this little girl on a swing. Everything seemed fine until she went back, flew off the swing, and rolled back on her neck like she was doing a backwards roll. In this Vine someone edited the girl when she fell off the swing and basically turned her into a bowling ball that was being thrown in the lanes of a bowling alley in Wii Sports. When she “hits” the pins, she ends up with a strike.

Peanut Butter Kid
This Vine is of these two young kids, who decided to cover themselves in peanut butter. When the mother says, “Does it feel good?” to the youngest child, the child responds with, “ah”. This simple yet hilarious Vine, seemed to be a hit, almost instantly.

Duck Army
This silly and daring Vine is of this guy pressing down on a rubber duck. When he lets go, the duck makes a loud sound. So after he only pressed down on one duck, he decides to press down on the whole pile of the ducks in a shopping cart, and when he lets go, it sounds like a ton of people are yelling at the same time.

Guy Who Pronounces Jewelry Wrong
This Vine is of this guy who is, I’m guessing is being interviewed, and he begins talking about his jewelry. He talks about how he has so much “jerly” (as how he pronounces it).  I find it really humorous because of how he pronounces jewelry, and how this other guy yells over him to tell him that he’s saying it wrong.

The Greatest Thing on Earth
This is a clip from Sesame Street that was posted on Vine and is of the character Bert and this little boy, who are talking about what they do when they’re happy! Bert laughs because he’s happy, and then asks the boy, “what do you do when you’re happy?” and the little boy gives an adorable smile to show that he smiles when he is happy.

Little Boy and His Dad Talk About the Paris Incident
This news video is so important and so adorable. In this interview, the boy explains how he’s scared because he and his father could get shot by the bad guys, because they’re very mean. The boy also explains how they now have to leave Paris because of the bombing. However his father says, “France is our home” to assure the boy that they are safe and don’t have to leave their home. The father then explains that we have flowers instead of guns. The boy doesn’t understand at first because he thinks flowers don’t do anything to help kill the bad guys, but the father steps in to say that the flowers are to protect Paris, and all of France, and the candles are to remember the ones who are lost. At the end of the video, the interviewer asks, “Do you feel better?” and the boy speaks, “Yes. I feel better.”

Famous High School Viner
This young man, named Kyle Exum, has become popular on Vine by posting Vines of situations that other teens can relate to. Several Viners do the same thing, but some aren’t as popular as others. Vines can be about anything, however I feel like relatable situations are the most popular topic. He has almost 245,000,000 loops on his account and gets more than 1 million loops per Vine. Kyle’s Vine Account

These links bring you to some of my favorite Vines and videos, however there are many more that capture my attention and make me laugh. I suggest getting the app, and creating an account to revine Vines you like! It does not cost anything, in case if you were wondering! Create a Vine account! In case if you would like to check out my Vine account, here it is!