Cheer Year 2015-2016


Written by Meg Falcone|
Photos by Morgan Cheerleaders|

The cheerleaders this year are cheering for football, basketball, and going to competition. They are attending five competitions, Blue Devils on January 23, 2015; Quinnipiac is January 30th; Shorelines is February 20th; NECA is on February 27th, and States is the first Friday in March.IMG_2036

The captains of the team Senior Melissa Sullivan, and Senior Julia Hornyak, both have optimistic opinions, “the girls are getting very psyched” and “the football games have been really enthusiastic and fun”. The girls are getting a lot more respect. Both captains a
lso said that their personal favorite about attending competition is how nice random people are as well as the adrenalin rush of  performing. They both have attended approximately 11 competitions.

 Cheerleading has been getting more exciting, especially with the underdog first year groups and the more difficult stunting.

Many of the underclassmen are very excited for the season that is approaching.  After cheering for football, they are looking forward to the different atmosphere of basketball, and especially the competitions because they hIMG_0141ave been preparing for a while.

The team is made up of many different people, of different ages, and heights. It all works when they stunt, tumble, toss, kick, and catch. Next year, during the summer there will be tryouts, and a JV and Varsity team, will be attending camp at Pine Forest Cheerleading Camp.