How do you Define Yourself?


Written by Gabriella Vigorito
Pictures by Jessica Green

On November 10, 2015 during advisory at The Morgan School, a group of seniors talked to the freshmen and sophomores about how the seniors changed throughout high school. The panel of seniors included Sami Ashton, Michael Fiorillo, Maggie Lacross, Kayla Burt, Maina Carey, Andrew Tessman, Mike Murry, Greg Ellel, Amber Vuilleumier, and Mike Vaness. The first question was “Who were you freshman year? and how have you changed? Senior Sami responded, “I tried to do things that my group of friends would like and accept.” She later found out that if she was herself then her friends would get to know her better, and they would all become a more ‘close knit’ group. Senior Michael F. said “Freshman year I had a lot of friends. Now I have a smaller closer group of friends.” But at the same time he describes that he is friends with everyone.choices assembly

Then the next question was “What do you regret?”. Maggie said that she wished she got more involved sooner. Kayla agreed with her and said “Seniors are a lot closer than we were freshman year.” She wanted people to interact more, that way people open up sooner.  Maina originally said “that she believes in having no regrets” but she says “My biggest mistake freshman year was not going  to things” This is because when she got involved she met all kinds of new people. Andrew also explains how students have to “go out there and try new things.” Greg said that he “regrets having no goals.” This is because there was nothing to strive for, but now he has ambitions to reach.

Amber explained that she is very focused on school, but now she also focuses more on art. She enjoyed talking to people who have the same interests as she does, and she regrets not embracing her passion sooner.

The overall message of the assembly was to do what you love and be yourself. Throughout the seniors shared how you should put yourself out there and try new things. They suggested joining clubs and going to sports games. This allows you to interact with other people outside of school. They now realize it is good to be outgoing, and they have found out that a lot of things change throughout their 4 years in high school. Friends change, goals change, people change. You can not always follow the crowd.  You have to do what you like.  Embrace you passion like Amber because ‘you define yourself.’