Real Dreams, Real Goals, Real Life

Real Dreams, Real Goals, Real Life

Written by Marie Kane |
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Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? If not, that’s totally fine! If so, good for you! Either way, follow your dreams! Don’t be insecure about what you want to be, what goals you have, or what you want to do. There are many steps you may take to doing what you want to do, even if it is not a “lifetime activity”.

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If you don’t follow your dreams, anything could happen, and you might just regret it. Do what you want to do. After all, it is your life. Life is a gift. Don’t waste the gift. Do what you want. If you are not doing something you enjoy doing in your lifetime, then you are not going to be happy. Change what you are doing if you are in this position.

To create yourself, and take steps to begin to achieve your dreams, you’ll need goals, a dream, interests/hobbies, and other people to surround yourself with.

The goals in life that you’ll need can be academic, social, and personal.

An example of an academic goal can be raising your lowest grade, or finishing a project before its due instead of finishing it the night before it’s due.


Two Morgan students shared their goals and dreams.
Sophomore, Drew Marzano’s interview:

Drew Spirit Night1. What’s your biggest dream?  My biggest dream is to be a weatherman by the time I’m at least 30.

2. What is a current goal you have? My current goal is to successfully graduate high school and go off and get a degree in meteorology.

3. Are there any big goals/dreams that you have already achieved? Joining the fencing /tennis team and becoming a successful player, and passing all of my classes both my freshmen and sophomore years (this I thought would be much harder to achieve.

Sophomore Gaby Bussiere’s interview:

IMG_08991. What’s your biggest dreams? My biggest dream is to be successful in the sense that I reach or at least attempt to reach my full potential on several aspects in my life. I hope I can fulfill my potential for being academically successful in following (what I see now to be smaller dreams) of attending a good college after high school and going into medicine in the hopes of going into orthopedics. I wish also to be content generally in life with my career and the people that surround me. Finally, (I think that this part of my overall dream will be the hardest to achieve) is to finally accept myself and be proud of my work and myself as a person. The reason why this will be exuberantly difficult for me is because I tend to be very, very hard on myself and at this point in my life I always put myself down in continuously telling myself that I can do better and that what I’ve done isn’t good enough, doesn’t amount to anything, or is insignificant. This is good and bad as it continues to make me a very motivated person and pushes me to do better but I still am unable to tell myself confidently that I’ve done my best and that’s enough.

2. What’s a current goal you have? Currently I want to find a better balance between “work and play”. As previously stated I am very hard on myself and will strive to do my best academically but I leave myself little time to relax, relieve stress, and just hang out with friends. Another more “tangible” goal per say is to get certified as an EMT.

3. Are there any big goals/dreams that you have already achieved? I have not fully achieved any of my goals yet, but I have been making significant steps towards achieving them. For my smaller goal relating to finding more balance in my life, I have seen improvement. I have maintained my high grades and am making more time to hang out with friends. However, I still need to find an efficient way to relieve stress. Some of my bigger goals I know will take time to achieve, but I think I truly have been making steps towards achieving them even if it is as small as setting myself smaller goals that will help set myself up for success with my larger goals.


An example of an academic goal can be raising your lowest grade, or finishing a project before its due instead of finishing it the night before it’s due.

An example of a social goal could be to make new friends, or to keep your old friends, but hang out with your new ones more to get to know them.

An example of a personal goal may be to spend more time with your pet, read a certain number of pages in a book, spend more time with your relatives/family. It could be pretty much anything that relates to you.

Most people have lifetime dreams. For example, being a song-writer, or someone famous like an actor/actress, author, director, or a singer. Those are just some examples. If you don’t want to be famous, that’s totally fine. If you’re not sure yet about what you want to be when you’re an adult that’s also okay. Just make sure, you don’t give up on your dreams and goals. It’s alright to change your mind about what your goals and dreams are.

Some examples of interests/hobbies you may have or could have are the following: cooking, baking, writing, drawing, making videos, photography, sports, spending time with your relatives/family and pet, hanging out with friends, being outside, playing video games, creating crafts, fashion, singing, art, reading, hiking, and watching movies.

There are many other hobbies, but those are some that many people have, and you probably have some of these too.

Everybody needs other people in their lives. If you are an only child, being close to your cousins will help you to feel like you’re not an only child. Becoming close with your relatives is a great thing to do! If you have a large family, you should  have someone to be like a sibling to. Older cousins are great to come to whenever! Whether it is when you need help, want to chill or talk, or just need someone to talk to, they will be there for you. Make sure to stay close to your family, whether it’s big or small, because they’re the people you need most.

Friends are also great people to have in your life, no matter what gender. You’ll have so many memories and inside jokes with them. Just like family, friends are there for each other. If you need someone to cheer you up, just want to hang out with, friends are great to have.

Friends, family, hobbies, interests, and goals will help you to begin to take the steps to achieve your dreams.

It’s okay not to have any life-time dreams. We don’t need to know what we are doing yet.  Also, it’s fine to change your mind about your dreams.

What are your dreams? Comment in the space below.