On Monday, November 23rd, The Morgan School Counseling Department is holding its very own Information Session Fair called College Knowledge Night. Between 6:00-8:30, a series of different colleges and presenters will be at Morgan to teach future college students about the college admissions process.

The goal for this fair is to provide advice and tips for the college planning process. Their are 6 workshops that will be presented between 7:00-7:40 and 7:50-8:30. The Essential of Junior Planning Process, Navigating Naviance, Components of College Essay Writing, Financial Aid/Budgeting, NCAA Registration & Regulations, and Understanding the New SAT  or ACT… What is the difference and which is better for you? – are all workshops that will be presented to 9-12 graders along with their parents.

Students have been reacting positively to the idea of College Knowledge Night, commenting on how it is something important to know about and be aware of. “I think it’s a good idea to have knowledge about college, and it’s something that everyone can relate to so its good to have a huge even at our school for it,” said Senior Maina Carey. Students also think that having the night will make them more comfortable and prevent future stress about the college process. “I think it’s a good idea because it makes me feel more comfortable about transitioning into college,” explained Junior Julia Zirkelback. Teachers also believe implementing this night will encourage students to start thinking about college. “I think it’s a good thing because anything to get kids interested in college is a good thing,” stated Mathematics Teacher Alan Samet.

Mr. Serenbetz: He says that he likes the schedule this year, there is nothing that she doesn't like about it. For the schedule next year he says they are trying to create a situation, where students can go out and apply the knowledge they learn in things and in internships. As if you were taking engineering you could work with an engineer. You would have to be able to work every day therefore you have to have the same schedule. He says that there is many options they are still looking at, two long blocks someday block, someday normal. Lots of opportunities on the table. They want students to be able to leave school without missing class.

English Department Chair Paul Serenbetz is one of the teachers who will be presenting to the students and parents. “I am doing the writing process of the College Knowledge night. I like doing this because a few tips on your college essay can go along way,” stated Mr. Serentbetz. “I’m going to start with a video to show how important the essay is and then I’m going to show a college letter that said on the bottom that they really liked the essay.” By sharing this, Mr. Serenbetz hopes that it will ensure students that their college essay is very important and actually read by college admissions.


Guidance Counselor Christie Williams introduced the program to Morgan after getting the idea from her previous position at Bacon Academy.  “I changed some minor details but overall the core of the whole event is there,” stated Mrs. Williams. Mrs. Williams also encourages parents and students to attend the program, “this is both for student and parents to come to because something like financial aid will have to do with the parents, but the college essay will have to do with the student.”