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People to Look Up to


Written by Abby Jasinski |
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If you go on YouTube and look at the videos that were recommended for you, you may find some inspirational people on there.

One day my sister introduced me to a new YouTuber who is a gamer and a vlogger. He is known as Joey Graceffa. At first I KNEW that I wouldn’t like his videos. But, he was different. As I was watching one of his gaming videos of him playing the game Minecraft, I realized that I NEEDED to watch more of his videos. I started watching him on his main channel where he vlogs, does videos with other YouTubers, and just talks about his life! Graceffa helped me get through many of my issues. Whenever I was sad, I would tap on one of his videos, and those dark clouds would instantly go away.

joey graceffa
Joey Graceffa smiling for his fans through the lens of his camera!

Joey’s YouTube
Website with picture

Next, on January 25, 2014, I discovered a new YouTuber. Joey’s video was a collab (when two or more YouTubers meet up to film a video together) with a young man named Kian Lawley.  I immediately subscribed to Kian’s channel. Through Kian’s videos I discovered many more cool YouTubers/Viners. I discovered O2L (Our2ndLife) which was a collab channel of 6 guys. I would talk about them all the time, saying how amazing they are and how I want to meet them. They sadly decided to end their channel due to individual accomplishments. However their inspiration and love to their fans still lasts as they continue to post on their individual channels. Now, Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen have their own channel together called Kian & Jc where they post challenges and skits, and have recently went on tour in which they traveled to a few cities in the west and performed live with a huge audience of fans.

Kian (right) and Jc (left)

Kian and Jc’s YouTube
Website with picture

Another YouTuber I found out about from Joey Graceffa, is Tyler Oakley. Tyler also does collabs with other YouTubers. He talks about his life on the internet. He has a very intelligent mind and knows how to give good advice. Tyler Oakley is also known for his ability to put a smile on his fans’ faces.

tyler oakley
Tyler Oakley has the most loving heart!

Tyler’s YouTube
Website with picture

I recommend watching Colleen Evans, also known as the one and only Miranda Sings. Both “characters” have an amazing sense of humor. She does skits about her opinions on actions people take, and always make them so you could get a laugh and relation to the actions. To hopefully clear up some confusion, Colleen has two YouTube channels in which she films as two different people. One of her channels, she posts videos as herself, but then the other channel is her as Miranda, which she acts foolish and silly. In this picture, you can see the difference between the two. One is more serious and one is more silly. 

Colleen Ballinger and Miranda SIngs
Colleen posing as herself and Miranda Sings

Colleen’s YouTube
Miranda’s YouTube
Website with picture

Shane Dawson is the funniest person alive. He is easy to relate to, and he makes the best jokes. Even though he can be inappropriate in videos (with language and sexual references), he gives amazing advice and suggestions for his mostly teenage fans. Even when discussing a serious topic, he is entertaining.

Shane Dawson
The very humorous and inspiring Shane Dawson!

Shane’s YouTube
Website with picture

After promoting these amazing people, I hope you take time to search for their channels and consider watching their videos that require patience and hard work to create.

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