Preparing for Powder Puff and Knockerball

Team Brunettes having a peptalk before the game.

Team Brunettes having a peptalk before the game.

Written by Emma Riccio |

Mackenzie, Jordyn, Autumn, Melissa, and Julia.
Mackenzie, Jordyn, Autumn, Melissa, and Julia.

It’s almost that time of year again! The Powder Puff game is rolling around, bringing with it a new event- Knockerball! Powder Puff will be held on Sunday, November 22. The game will start at approximately 3:00 pm at the Joel Complex football field. As for Knockerball, the original plan was to play the game before Powder Puff. Mrs. Robinson revealed a change though: “I recently just got a phone call from the owner of the company who shared with me that if it’s cold out, he won’t let us use the balls outside because they’ll pop. If that’s the case we’re going to schedule that Friday night and we’ll do it in the gymnasium.”

It’s $5 to get in to watch Powder Puff and $15 to participate and be on the team, including paying for your t-shirt. It’s a fundraiser done with Shoreline Fitness. Half the proceeds go to Shoreline’s cancer relief efforts that it does throughout the year. It also seems some girls were worried about the practice schedule. “Heather and Dana have been captains in the past, and we’re emailing them about practices. That should be out soon,” Mrs. Robinson reassured. Dana Brown, the blonde coach, is excited to be coaching again this year. “I’ve coached it for two years and both years were a lot of fun. The best part was watching the kids having fun on the field. The hardest part is coming up with strategic plays against the brunettes because I’m not a football player.”

If you think you want to play in Knockerball, you can fill out a waiver and have it signed. It’ll be free to watch and to choose teams. They’ll draw names out of a hat. When asked about playing time, Mrs. Robinson said, “The rental of the machines is for an hour so what we thought we would do was every ten minutes we’d swap students out so we could get the most amount of students to play.”

If anyone was curious about how Knockerball became a new tradition,  Mrs. Robinson explained, “The Knockerball idea came up a while ago. I saw a video pop up on one of my social media sites that showed it taking place and it looked like it was a lot of fun. The neighborhood where we live in rented them for the last day of school. We had a lot of fun with it. It seemed really safe, and it’s something that is fun to play. It’s also enjoyable to watch. When it came to homecoming because we had to get rid of some older traditions we had. We wanted to to pick up something new that kids would really appreciate and would bring us together as a family. We’re hoping it goes over well and people enjoy it.”

Some people who played in the Powder Puff game last year and some who are hoping to participate shared what they are looking forward to and what they hope is changed this year.

Senior Julia Hornyak: I liked how we could come together as a team and take it seriously! It’s a way to come together as girls and be with people who you wouldn’t usually be with. You meet people with the same hair color as you. I think the boy cheerleaders are hilarious, and in my opinion, actual football players should be cheerleaders, and the football captains should be the coaches.

Junior Melissa Sullivan: I think it should be more organized and with set practices. The cheerleaders were amazing, and I think more boys should do it.

Sophomore Jackie Spear: The amount of girls should be changed so that there are not so many on the sideline- maybe less girls on the team. The boy cheerleaders are the best idea Morgan has ever created because they think cheer is not a sport, and then they try it!

Freshman Noah Scarpace: It’s going to be funny because I’m usually playing football and watching the cheerleaders and now it will be the other way around.

Junior Jordyn Suraci: I liked how they had Shoreline trainers & did spin classes. I think it should be better organized.

Freshman Calvin Jackson: I’m not participating in Knockerball, but I’m interested in seeing people get hit. It’s going to be fun to see the roles switched between the football players and cheerleaders at Powder Puff.

Freshman Matt Zoner: I can’t wait to see people be hit in Knockerball!

Freshman Amber Deluca: I’m expecting a fun watch!

Watch the Knockerball video here!