Test Your Knowledge on College

Written by Autumn Johnson and Abby Pitarra |

On December 8th, The Morgan School hosted the second annual College Knowledge Night from 6-8:30. There were presentations on the essentials of the junior planning process, navigating Naviance, crafting the college essay, understanding the financial aid process, exploring college athletics, and understanding the SAT and ACT.

Every grade was able to attend, and many of them found this experience to be beneficial. Freshman Emma Ferrell said, “Even though I’m a freshman I think it is really nice to just start to look at all the colleges this school has brought to offer and get an idea of maybe what I’m thinking about doing in the future.”   college-knowledge-night-12-8-16_6647

Sophomore Jordana Caprio agreed with Emma that it was a good experience and felt that she was able to “understand what to look for in colleges” better. Guidance Counselor Jan O’Brien expressed that “for students to make informed decisions, they need to gather as much information as possible.”

Junior Maya Kadel stated that “it’s really beneficial and important” and Junior Taylor Marnett talked to a few colleges and said it was “really helpful.”

One of the parents that attended, Mark Terrace thought that “it’s awesome, just to have all of these colleges here that people can talk to… It’s eye opening.” Junior Ryan Ferrell also thought that it was “kinda cool that you get to see all the colleges and look around and see what’s interesting.”

Guidance Counselor Joni Capobianco expressed how amazing College Knowledge Night is because “you have a ton of different workshops going on and you can hear multiple perspectives of the college process, and it has something for all different grades and parents. How can you beat that in one place?”

Overall, it was an informative night at Morgan. Guidance Counselor Christie Williams-Kahn thought it was a successful night. She thought it was “great to see all of the Morgan students and families come out to learn about different aspects of planning for their future.”

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