Dodge for a Difference: Community coming Together


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Written by Ben Jackson |

This year at The Morgan School, our community is holding the Dodge for a Difference fundraiser on Tuesday, November 25th at 6:30. Admission is $5.  Purchase a Dodge for a Difference t-shirt for $10, and admission is free.

Teams representing alumni, faculty, juniors, seniors, sophomores, freshmen, Clinton Public Schools and community groups such as the police and fire departments are playing in Dodge for a Difference.  The money from Dodge for a Difference is going directly to Clinton Social Services. On Tuesday November 18th, we had an assembly to showcase the teams.

The team rosters are listed below :

Freshman Team:

  1. Kate Daley
  2. Nick Caprio
  3. Juan Avila
  4. Matt Newfield
  5. Tyler Newfield
  6. Emily Davis
  7. Lily Cummings
  8. A.J Mastriano
  9. Gaby Bussire
  10. Robyn Vullimuier

Sophomore Team:

  1. Drew Walton
  2. Matt Mester
  3. Tori Barron
  4. Burton Caldwell
  5. Cooper Thompson
  6. Jarett Talarczyk
  7. Madison Garbinski
  8. Aubry Allen
  9. Briana Pace
  10. Julia Zirkelbach

Junior Team:

  1. Caleigh Heske
  2. Sami Ashton
  3. Courtney Carroll
  4. Chucky Kostek
  5. Will Fritz
  6. Anthony Choronzy
  7. John Lee
  8. Jake Bzowski
  9. Mateo Zumpano
  10. Gabe Eriksen

Senior Team:

  1. Erin Barnett
  2. Ashlyn Chidsey
  3. Abby Andrews
  4. Vivian Tran
  5. Jen Dawson
  6. Nick Piccirillo
  7. Brian Gendron
  8. Jake Ward
  9. James Neri
  10. Trent Gulliford

Morgan Alumni Team:

  1. Matt Chidsey
  2. Tyler Anglin
  3. Frank Rivas
  4. Will Teas
  5. Todd Bornstein
  6. Caleb Eriksen
  7. Sal Fiorillo
  8. Mike Rapuano
  9. Ryan Donovan
  10. Robert Cullen

Morgan Faculty Team:

  1. Pete Gersz
  2. Marc Ferace
  3. Keri Hagness
  4. Ryan Richetelli
  5. Stefan Fasulo
  6. Christopher Luther
  7. Joni Capobianco
  8. Tyler Webb
  9. Larry Chapman
  10. Chris Rapuano

Police Department Team:

  1. Joe O’Brien
  2. Joe Popovich
  3. Nick Torino
  4. Jake Owczarski
  5. Jason Frey
  6. Chris Varone
  7. John Harkins
  8. Glenn Smith
  9. Matt Reed
  10. James DePietro
  11. Adrian Santiago

Clinton Public Schools Team:

  1. Sara Mengel
  2. Maria Moran
  3. Beverly Bowen
  4. Maryann O’Donnell
  5. Jason Corrado
  6. Nancy McAllister
  7. Jack Cross

To see the Dodge for a Difference video created by Tasha Walker, see “Morgan Makes a Difference”.

2 responses to “Dodge for a Difference: Community coming Together

  1. Good article it helped cover the recent event and get people informed about the event. Nice job getting the word out there about it.


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