Haunted Huskies

Written by Ben Jackson |  Photos by the Morgan PawPrint staff

It is that time of year again here at The Morgan School. Teachers and students alike are dressing up in costumes to benefit Laurie Olcott who has terminal cancer. The teachers are all dressed up as Scrabble letters, while the costumes of the students are range from movie characters to super heroes. Everyone you see wearing a costume donated money to Laurie Olcott’s bucket list fund. Mrs. Robinson said, “A lot of students put in more than one dollar.” and the number of donations continues to grow.  For a look at the school Halloween spirit, view the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

8 responses to “Haunted Huskies

  1. Nice article and slide show! The pictures are really great and the article says very nice things on how it was to benefit Mrs. Olcott and that is a great cause. This was a really exciting day for everyone.


  2. I love that we are able to dress up at our school, and it is for a good cause. I liked dressing up and seeing other people’s costumes. I like we were able to get pictures of all these people who dressed up. I hope we were able to help at least a little bit.


  3. I think this was such an awesome idea for an article and for everyone to be able to wear their Halloween costumes to school but for a good cause! Students were able to dress up and they were able to help raise money for Laurie Olcott in her battle with cancer.


  4. A lot of people will view this article because of the slideshow. I think this was a really important fundrasier because everyone wanted to wear their costumes to school on Halloween and paying a dollar to support Laurie Olcott in her battle with cancer is a great way to promote unity.


  5. I really liked the slideshow! I hope the school does this again so we can continue to see more funny costumes! I especially liked some of the group pictures in the slideshow, its nice to see everybody come together for a fun holiday


  6. I think that Morgan students came up with very creative costumes. The money earned is also going to a great cause, the whole halloween theme was a great idea!


  7. I loved the idea of people dressing up for Halloween! It really got everyone excited and had a fun time at school. I like the slideshow with everyone dressed up good job with the pictures!


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