Mrs. O’Brien, the Counselor Behind it All

Written By: Maya Kadel |

Mrs. O'Brien

There are many exciting upcoming plans for freshmen. Do you ever wonder who comes up with them? Your guidance counselor Mrs. Janice O’Brien comes up with wonderful ideas to engage freshmen in activities. STEP is just one of many programs Mrs. O’Brien establishes for freshmen. Mrs. O’Brien also believes that freshmen year is very important,”I think freshmen are in a year of transition. It’s important to have programs that deal with that issue.” Mrs. O’Brien also gets her ideas from YouTube. She may search: “what are some common issues that freshmen struggle with?” From there, she will come up with ideas to help freshmen with their problems. Some activities involve freshmen interaction with one another. Freshmen work together to solve a problem. Those activities enhance communication skills between the freshmen and help them get along.

“I try to create activities that you can put the student body into.” The STEP dance gave the freshmen an experience of a school dance, so they can experience one before homecoming. Before the club fair, freshmen did a fun activity that involved working together; that was established by Mrs.O’Brien. The creative activities benefit freshman to feel more welcomed and comfortable in The Morgan School. Thankfully, many upperclassmen volunteer to help out in the events.

“At first, I felt very nervous. The programs Mrs. O’Brien created such as STEP, made me feel much better,” explained Freshman Mikaela Gaudet. There are some upcoming programs such as, haunted hallways. Students have the opportunity to participate in haunted hallways. The theme this year is asylum. Freshmen also have an opportunity to participate so they have a chance to be a part of something big.

Mrs. O’Brien tries her very best to please the freshman and make them comfortable. The activities engage students and make them feel more motivated to be a part of school programs. Not many students know she is behind the wonderful activities for the freshman. I, as well as other freshmen, appreciate Mrs. O’Brien’s programs and  look forward to more upcoming events.



8 responses to “Mrs. O’Brien, the Counselor Behind it All

  1. I am now a senior and looking back on Freshmen year I truly appreciate all of the help that I have received throughout the years including STEP, my guidance councilor, and Mrs. Obrian works very hard!


  2. Last year I didn’t even know that Mrs. O’Brien organized all of these events for the freshmen. I have to say that all of those programs really helped me and its nice to see things like STEP and Haunted Hallways open for freshmen. We should all be really greatful for her and the rest of our guidance counselors!


  3. I think this article is a great way to tell others what we do here at Morgan and gives credit to those who are in charge of it all. Before reading this article I had no idea that Mrs. O’ Brien came up with so many great ways to help the school so great job explaining it all!


  4. I didn’t know that Mrs. O’Brien creates many activities to make freshmen a part of the activities. She’s very creative by searching for these activites to engage freshmen.


  5. I did STEP as a freshman and it was very helpful in the transition to Morgan. Mrs. O’brien has done so much to help the transitioning process into high school. That is very important. Her idea to make everyone a family at Morgan is also very important.


  6. I am now a senior but i agree that freshman year these programs were very helpful for the transition. Mrs. obrien works very hard at what she does but i believe it pays off in the end. Nice article!


  7. This is a really nice article! I participated in STEP as a mentor and thought that it was so great. Her ideas to make the freshmen and all students at Morgan feel connected as a family definitely works. The STEP dance was really fun as well. She is truly an asset here at the Morgan School.


  8. I really like how this article focuses on the things that Mrs. O’ Brien does here at Morgan, and how involved she is with the freshmen and their transition into high school. I had no idea that Mrs. O’ Brien came up with STEP and that’s really cool. She is constantly at every school event that I have been to, and it’s amazing how involved she is in the students here at Morgan.


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