Morgan Sports vs. Eliot

Written By Mikaela Gaudet |

Eliot Girls BasketballThe class of 2018 is full of experienced athletes. Some have been on teams all through middle school. What do these former middle school athletes think about Morgan sports vs Eliot sports?

High school teams are very competitive and practice more than middle school teams. Some high school teams never even get a chance to rest over the weekends. Middle school is just the beginning of what it feels like to be on a school team. Even though middle school is more competitive than elementary school, high school teams take winning states or Shoreline Championships more seriously and compete more aggressively to achieve these goals.

The Morgan School has many sports including, cross-country, track, volleyball, soccer, swimming, football, cheerleading, and field hockey. In middle school, there are fewer team sports.  These include field hockey, basketball, softball, baseball, and soccer. Freshman Maya Kadel explained, “the competition at Morgan is more intense. The games are taken more seriously.”

High School teams bond more and create more of a family instead of just a team. Freshman Olivia Silver reported,  “They’re a lot more demanding of your time. We do a lot of team related things besides playing the game such as pasta dinners.” Teams in high school not only want to win games, but also want to bond and create a family to help others feel appreciated. Practices are taken more seriously.

Balancing homework and practice time is tough, but somehow students are able to get it done. The cheer team has a study hall until 3. We get changed, go to the cafe, and sit down as a team to finish our homework. Practice would then start at 3. It depends on how strict your coach is. Some practices start right away but allow a 30 minute break before practices start.

Missing practices on a high school team is not acceptable. In Eliot the coaches did not care as much if students missed a practice. Sophomore Jordan Ledyard explained,  “the soccer coach will only let you miss a practice if you bring in a doctor’s note.” Coaches expect more from high school students. High school students must exhibit good leadership, commitment, participation, and knowledge.

For more information on Morgan sports visit The Morgan School Athletics.

7 responses to “Morgan Sports vs. Eliot

  1. I find this article to be extremely helpful to the students playing sports and are then going to be continuing playing here, I think you did a good job as to describing the differences.


  2. I didn’t play a sport for Eliot or Morgan, but I do know how much commitment it takes for a Morgan sport than an Eliot sport. I also know that this article is summed up perfectly to what the differeces in the two school sports.


  3. I play Eliot basketball and Morgan basketball. I could tell that there is a big difference between the two. Morgan sports are definitely more demanding than Eliot. I also think it would be good if you talked to more upperclassmen since they have been doing Morgan sports longer.


  4. I never played an Eliot sport, but I can see how the intensity level rises once athletes begin sports at Morgan. As a volleyball player, I do feel like the team is a family with the pasta dinners we have. It is true that every athlete has the drive and determination to win Shorelines and States.


  5. Eliot and Morgan sports contrast in many ways. Like you said, it is unacceptable to miss any practices for Morgan sports. This article provides a good perspective of how Eliot and Morgan sports differ.


  6. Many athletes can relate to the transition from eliot to morgan sports. This article could be helpful to eliot students looking to continue their sports careers in morgan and give them a realistic view on the intensity of the practices and the bonds.


  7. I remember playing Eliot sports, you summed it up perfectly how different they are and how much more demanding the sports are in high school


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