NHS Blood Drive 2014

Written by Tasha Walker |

Mr. Samet waiting to give blood!

Two times every school year The Morgan School holds a Blood Drive. NHS organizes and runs this event in the gymnasium. There is one in the fall and one in the spring. Although students participating have to be 17 or older to donate blood, it is always a great turnout. Students are eager and excited to be able to do something like this to help those in need.  NHS members recruited students to participate in this the blood drive on October 19th.

Jamie Naccarato (left) and Olivia Giannotti (right) helping out at the snack table

After asking Senior Ben Jackson about his experience donating blood for the first time in the spring last school year, he replied “Everyone was really nice, and there was a lot of good food after.”

Ms. White volunteered two years ago for the important role of organizing NHS and its activities. She shared with me some information about this fall’s drive. “For the blood drive our goal was to get 32 people to donate, and we already have 45 people signed up.” Rising participation is always positive!

At the blood drive, there was a great outcome! Senior Olivia Giannotti, who is a part of NHS, was working at the snack area, and she shared how she feels about the experience. “It’s very rewarding work and nice to be a part of a cause contributing so positively to other people!” Kelsey Donaldson was hanging out and relaxing after she gave blood. “It was totally fine and didn’t hurt! Quick and easy. And you get snacks.”

This Blood Drive was Frank Barabas’s 6th time donating blood. “The process was slow, but it felt good giving back to those in need. My appointment was at 9:30, and I’m feeling fine now.”

Poster out ready to be signed by those participating!

The consensus of the student body is that the blood drive is definitely one of the most important events our school holds. Having the opportunity to give blood at school twice a year is a great attribute of The Morgan School. If you have not given blood before, take a chance at the Blood Drive this upcoming spring!

2 responses to “NHS Blood Drive 2014

  1. Many people don’t know a lot about the NHS blood drive or are to scared to donate. This article reasures students that it’s “quick and easy” and 45 people donated this year.


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