$1,000 Opportunity

Written by Shelby Alfano |

December 18, 2014, is always a normal date of the year but not for the Shoreline Arts Alliance.


Photo by Lucas Cummings

We have many talented students here at Morgan. There’s an opportunity to receive $1,000 scholarships in each of these categories: Creative Writing, Dance, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts. High school junior and senior performers, literates, and visual artists can submit their work to the Shoreline Arts Alliance.

Shoreline Arts Alliance Scholarships in the Arts is the only scholarship competition in Connecticut to recognize the exceptional talent of high school juniors and seniors living in Middlesex County.

Photo by Justin Escobales

Photo by Justin Escobales

Over the years, this program has grown and became a most important resource for high school students. There are specific Shoreline Arts Alliance Requirements for the auditions and portfolios for each of these categories available on their website. These requirements must be followed to win an award. Any student who has won a scholarship in the past may not apply in the same category.

If you choose to apply for this scholarship, the Shoreline Arts Alliance Application deadline is December 18, 2014. There is a $25 refundable application fee. Checks should be made payable to Shoreline Arts Alliance. This program is for serious juniors and seniors pursuing their passions in their art form.

4 responses to “$1,000 Opportunity

  1. This is an awesome opportunity to inform students about! I myself might pursue applying for the Shorelines Arts Alliance after becoming informed about it after reading this article. I think I would have a shot with either Creative Writing or Visual Arts. Great eye catching title as well!


  2. I loved this article! The title definitely caught my attention, and the pictures within the article are very intriguing as well! Great job!


  3. This article was great! I love how theirs so many talented people here at Morgan and this article totally shows it!


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