Spirits are High for Spirit Week: A Follow Up

Written by Sam Pansa and Amanda LaRiviere |

With Spirit Week coming to an end, students all over The Morgan School are showing their husky pride.

Black and White Day, on Monday, was a big hit with everybody showing up in his/her best black and white attire. It was a mix of formal and laid back, making The Morgan School body seem like an old time movie with the black and white color scheme.

We all waved goodbye to summer with the Goodbye Summer day. Students arrived in an assortment of shorts, Hawaiian shirts, sandals, and beach hats. Others went all out and brought in towels, beach chairs or other beach assortments. The day was a contrast to the colder weather but it was still a hit.

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With the start of the new sports seasons, students showed their support for their favorite teams and players. We had jerseys for football, baseball, even hockey. Sports day was a blast!

On Thursday it was the anticipated picture day. The Morgan School body was dressed to impress not only everybody, but also the camera.

The long awaited Blue Out day was on Friday, the final day of Spirit Week and the day of the pep rally. Blue Out day was a sucess with most students wearing our husky colors. Some students had facepaint, and others dyed their hair to show their support.

Spirit Week is a great week at the Morgan School and it will be interesting to see what we will have as our catagories next and later this year!


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