Softball Shoreline Champs

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Photos via Steady Photography
Written by Lily Dawson |

The weekend of the Senior Prom on May 30th, some of the seniors had other things on their minds. For Senior first baseman Jaime Fitzgerald and Senior second baseman Lily Dawson, the big game they were going to play the day following the prom was more important to them. After losing to HK in extra innings last year, the Morgan Softball Team had a chance to redeem themselves in the 2014 Shoreline Championship. The girls did exactly that. Beating HK 2-1 was the icing to their cake. After a 16-4 regular season record and making their way up the ladder to the number 1 seed in the shoreline, winning this championship was the only way to prove that they deserved to be where they were. Fantastic Job Girls!

All pictures were taken from Steady Photography and can be viewed at their website!


2 responses to “Softball Shoreline Champs

  1. I loved the slideshow and how the article was personal but informational about how the team is a family and worked hard to reach getting shoreline champs.


  2. I really love the slideshow with the pictures of when the team won shorelines!! It adds to the high spirits of the article! I also like the opening sentence, stating that the senior softball players had more on their mind than just senior prom.


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