S.T.E.P: Where it All Begins

Written By: Amanda LaRiviere and Kate Driscoll

Morgan Hallway

Where it all begins; the Morgan halls.

S.T.E.P is a program created for the incoming freshmen to help them become familiar with Morgan before school starts. It is a great opportunity for the freshmen to get to know the upperclassmen.

We spoke with Mrs. O’Brien who runs S.T.E.P, “The S.T.E.P program is a transitioning program for incoming ninth graders. It was found that a lot of ninth graders have difficulty transferring into high school. We usually have 40-70 upperclassmen involved. It gives them an opportunity to meet some of the staff, do team-building activities, and generally just like the name implies, it is an opportunity for ninth graders to get a heads up on what high school is like. I can see that there is a real difference in students transferring to high school. The program has really grown.”

Last year the Class of 2017 enjoyed the program. Many who attended are helping out with the program this year, during the month of August. When asked what Freshman Alex Church liked about the program last year, she said, “I liked bonding with the upperclassmen, and I liked learning where everything was because that’s what I was most scared about. Also I liked meeting all of the teachers.” Since she will be participating in the program this year, she said, “I’m looking forward to meeting the good people and helping them and seeing how we were as freshmen.”

Freshman Olivia Powers also commented on what she liked about S.T.E.P and what she’s looking forward to this year, “I liked how it prepared us so I wasn’t freaking out for the first day of school. They give you a chance to ask questions and concerns. I’m looking forward to a new perspective, not being a freshman anymore, helping people, and making friends.”

Freshman Mackenzie Blanusa told us, “I’m excited to meet the new freshmen and help to give them an introduction to the school. I also am excited to see the reactions to the videos they show at the assemblies and interactive games”.

Upperclassmen who have already participated in the program also have a great time. Junior Karli Robertson said, “S.T.E.P helps the freshmen get a sense of Morgan and become familiar with the building so they are not worried on the first day of school.”  Junior Charlotte Limosani also said, “I think it gets them acclimated to the school and comfortable with the upperclassmen in the halls.”

The S.T.E.P program will be taking place on August 19th and 20th, from 8:30-12:30. On August 21st, it will go from 8:30-1:00. The incoming freshman who attend all three days of the program receive 1/4 of a credit as well. The program is a great chance for the freshmen to transition into the school, and for the upperclassmen to step up as role models.

2 responses to “S.T.E.P: Where it All Begins

  1. Adding the, now sophomores their opinions on the S.T.E.P. program is the best thing for freshmen. Freshmen know that they just went through the same thing they’re going through now, and not too long ago either. They know how uncomfortable we’re feeling and they’re there for us when we need it.


  2. Asking the, now sophomores, their opinions on the S.T.E.P. program helps the new coming freshmen know what they had gone through and know that they aren’t alone and that everybody is there to help you and make you comfortable. I like how you added that tidbit of information so freshmen now know that everything’s going to be okay.


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