People Who Come From Different Countries

Written by Vuong Truong |
Basically, an immigrant is a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country. As I explained in a previous article A Long Way From My Country, I immigrated from Vietnam four years ago.


Another student who immigrated to the United States is Freshman Yerlin Rodriguez who is 16 years old. He came from Honduras. He lives on West Main Street in Clinton now.  When he graduates from high school, he wants to be an architect. He plans to  study a lot and  get good grades in school, so that he can be successful. He said he would like to go back to his country to visit.


IMG_0544Freshman Antonio Osorio, a 15 year old,  is another immigrant student. He came from Guatemala, and he lives on West Main Street too. He plans to go to work after graduating from high school.  In the future, he hopes to buy a big house and work hard to earn money to pay the bills.  He wants to be a Formula 1 driver. He will be successful racing if he practices driving. He would like to go back to visit Guatemala.

There are many opportunities in the United States. That’s why people from other countries want to live and start a new life in the United States.  Nevertheless, it’s tough for immigrant people to start new jobs and to learn English.  Although in the beginning, immigrants may struggle after awhile they will be fine working towards their dreams.



One response to “People Who Come From Different Countries

  1. Nice article Vuong! It’s really interesting to hear about the stories and plans for the future of people who are originally from a different country!


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