Written by Maddi Roman|

Are you likely to be late for the bell? Do you leave your house at 7:34 every morning? Do you often find yourself dreaming about the future? You find yourself completely unable to do your homework and studying is out of the question. You only show up to school so that you can participate in after school activities.Yeah, if I were a doctor, I’d diagnose you with a bad case of “Senioritis:” a phenomenon that has been affecting students for countless generations. Here are ten ways you can be sure that you have the disease, straight from students who are in the terminal stages:

8 responses to “Senioritis

  1. The video was a really entertaining and clever way of showing the opinions of the seniors. These are all really true statements and I’m glad you made an article about it because all seniors are feeling this way with just 23 days to graduation.


  2. This was a very entertaining video! I loved how you interviewed multiple people, and put the video together!


  3. Good work on the video! Senioritis is a very interesting idea and I enjoyed how you portrayed it in the form of a video.


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