Morgan Goes Across the Globe

Written by Lily Dawson |

In March 2014, two of Morgan’s Spanish Teachers, Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Luther, decided they were going to provide hands on learning of the Spanish culture by taking students on a trip to Spain. So far they are the only two chaperones, and the students that are eligible to go on the trip are students that will be in Spanish III Honors or students that will be in Spanish IV or V. Currently, there are 22 kids signed up, however, they may take a few more interested students.

On this trip, the students and teachers will visit three different cities including Madrid, Cordoba, and Sevilla. By going to the different cities and interacting in the Spanish language and experiencing the Spanish culture, the trip will be beneficial to all of the students.


Photo via Madrid


Photo via Cordoba


Photo via Sevilla

To some of the students going to Spain, it might just be for the experience, but for Junior Erin Barnett, it is for the experience and also to help her succeed in her future career. Erin who plans to become a Spanish teacher said “being immersed into the Spanish culture and having to speak Spanish the whole entire time would be very beneficial.” Though it will definitely help her in the future, she is also excited to just enjoy her time in the beautiful country and learn about the night life that goes on there.

Students and teachers are looking forward to trying all the food and learning about the culture, but Erin is most excited about the Flamingo Dancing Class that they are going to take.

Erin Barnett

Erin Barnett


One response to “Morgan Goes Across the Globe

  1. I think it is a great experience for the students who are going. I would love to go to Spain just to see the different cultures. Great atricle and I loved how you included Erin Barnett in it because she it shows how beneficial this trip could be.


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