For Sale: Morgan Athletic Apparel

Written by Marcus McDermott |

Would you like to represent your school? Would you like to represent your school in new sports wear? Well if you do, you’Morgan Apparelre in luck. The official launch of the Morgan Athletic Department Online Store has just taken place, and it’s open for business!

The new store, which was launched exclusively for athletic wear, is up and running. So far, the website consists of only five items. These items include mens and womens “Gung Ho” polo shirts in navy or white, mens fleece hoodies and crewnecks in gray or navy, and Nike Legacy wool caps in Navy. Although there are only five items so far, suggestions are welcome, and if the website is successful, Mr. Rayel will update it in August.

To reach the website, go to, click on the “Team Stores” link, and enter the sale code “MORGAN14“. After that, you will be in the athletic department store.

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2 responses to “For Sale: Morgan Athletic Apparel

  1. The link was fixed if you would like to check it out now, thank you for letting us know! The website is not the new school store because it will only feature apparrel, not spirit items such as noisemakers and car window paint. At first the store will appeal to athletes and teams because all of the items are athletic wear. Once word gets out about the store all students and especially parents will love to purchase these items!


  2. The link to the apparel website did not work. Also, is any profit earned from the apparel for the school or sports at Morgan? Is the website the new school store? Is the website only supposed to appeal to athletes at Morgan or the entire student body?


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