Why do We Appreciate Our Teachers

Written by Lily Dawson |

Teachers at the Morgan School are appreciated by students and parents alike. This upcoming week, May 5th through May 9th, is Teacher Appreciation Week! It is a special week for students and fellow staff to show the teachers that students do appreciate all the hard work and time they put into helping them succeed. Enjoy the video below and listen to why the students and staff appreciate the teachers of the Morgan School.

For the staff, the Student Council has prepared a week of treats with a Super-Hero theme. Monday there will be a popcorn bar in the library with many different flavors of popcorn as well as different toppings for the popcorn. Tuesday is hero sandwiches day, which consists of delicious sandwiches made especially for the teachers. Wednesday there will be a breakfast bar for the teachers where coffee, doughnuts, and bagels will be served throughout the morning. Thursday is “Souper Lunch,” which is a luncheon that will be sponsored by the administration. Then to top off the week, on Friday, there will be a cupcake bar, a treat sponsored by the senior class, to show  appreciation for the teachers here at Morgan. Mrs. Robinson, who has helped coordinate the entire week and the theme, found all the wonderful ideas for the week through Pinterest. Student Council will be sponsoring the other events, and they have also worked very hard to make sure the teachers have a great week. Hopefully, the teachers enjoy their week because they deserve it for everything they have done. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

4 responses to “Why do We Appreciate Our Teachers

  1. Nice article, the theme for Teacher Appreciation Week was really clever! I like all the interviews in the video as well, and how you included at least one student from each grade.


  2. This was a very nice article, and the main idea was really captured well in the vide. Nice job!


  3. I think that this article is written well, i also liked how the interviews were conducted and how real they seemed. The overall them for this was a great idea, cuz truly our teachers our are superheros. GO TEACHERS!


  4. I think the superhero idea was absolutely genius! Claire’s in New Haven is supplying the cupcakes and the class of 2014 is sponsoring the cupcake bar this Friday which I am so excited for! I love the video created, it definitely captures why our school loves the faculty so much.


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