High School Bowl: The Varsity Sport of the Mind

Written by Erika Renkl |

The Morgan High School Bowl team recently defeated Old Saybrook in its 2014 home meet. Every year each of the nine teams in the conference hosts one meet. This year, our home meet was Tuesday, March 18 right after school. We played against Old Saybrook with Morgan seniors Ian Barron, Erika Renkl, and Madelyn Corbett, and junior Lucas Cummings starting.

The match is composed of a toss-up question in which both teams have a chance to buzz in and answer the question. If the question is answered correctly, the team receives ten points and a bonus in which they can earn up to twenty points. During the bonus questions, the team can work together to discuss the answer. However, if they answer the toss-up incorrectly before they finish reading the question, the team loses five points.

After the first half, Morgan was behind in points, so junior Max Hauser was put in the match. Halfway through the second half, the coaches have another chance to substitute players, and Ms. Rizzo, the Morgan Bowl coach, put senior Emily Cuseo in the match, who continued to answer enough questions with the rest of the team to bring Morgan up and eventually above Saybrook in points to win the match for Morgan.

Congratulations to the Morgan High School Bowl team, and we hope to see another Shoreline Championship this year!

Read about last year’s home meet against Valley Regional here!

7 responses to “High School Bowl: The Varsity Sport of the Mind

  1. This is a great article! I’m glad not only our sports team but even this team is doing well! Congratulations to the high school bowl team, keep it up


  2. Well written article, Erika. I like how you explained how a match usually goes, but also included a recap of the match against Old Saybrook. Congrats on the win!


  3. Great article Erika! I never knew about what the High School Bowl did, and it sounds totally awesome! Congrats!


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