French Honor Society Induction

Written by Erika Renkl |

The French Honor Society is an important event that takes place each year for the juniors who perform exceptionally well in French 4. Seniors who are already members of the society helped to run the ceremony and induct the new students. They give a small speech in French, then repeat it in English to explain the ceremony to the students and parents. French 4 students need an average of a B- in Honors or an A- in College Prep to qualify, as well as a high semester average for all of their courses.

The new members were Leah Campano, Jaxson Cooper, Alaina Hartnett, Chase LeMay, Kaitlyn Lucas, and Andrew Tran, who were inducted by current members Madelyn Corbett, Matthew Egan, Debbie Foster, and Erika Renkl with the help of language teacher Mrs. Jean Sunny.

The ceremony is very similar to National Honor Society or Spanish Honor Society inductions, with traditional candle-lighting rituals and distribution of certificates by the senior members.

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2 responses to “French Honor Society Induction

  1. I really enjoyed reading this article. I am taking French, and have been wondering what the French Honors Society is. I hope one day I can be inducted as well!!!


  2. Your article was very interesting. I know what the ceremony is about because I was inducted into the Spanish National Honors Society and had to help out with the induction of the juniors this year. It was exciting being inducted so I know how they must feel!


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